Workplace wellbeing 2: Self and social awareness

A healthy workplace is crucial for successful practices, and just as importantly—for satisfied individuals, teams, and clients. The Workplace wellbeing 2: Self and social awareness certificate program provides a deep dive into three areas central to workplace wellbeing: self-awareness, social awareness, and conflict management. 

Building on key information and skills covered in “Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation,” participants will come away with powerful new strategies to bring your organization to the next level of workplace wellbeing. 

The program is comprised of three modules that can be taken individually or completed as a unit, culminating in an AVMA certificate of completion. To begin, participants must complete the first module: “Self-awareness: From passion to peace.” The remaining modules can be completed in any order.

**Although not a requirement, we strongly recommend that learners complete Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation before moving on to Workplace wellbeing 2.**


Self-awareness: From passion to peace
Identify the benefits of self-awareness and learn how to bring self-awareness practice into your work life.

Enhancing social awareness
Discover the beneficial impacts of social awareness on individuals, teams, and organizations. Learn tangible steps you can take to expand your social awareness and create a culture of belonging and connection in your workplace.

Successfully navigating conflict: A deeper dive
Discover healthy ways to manage conflict in the workplace. Explore- and learn how to navigate- scenarios where conflict often arises, such as giving and receiving feedback, encountering emotional blackmail, and managing interpersonal relationships.

AVMA’s “Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation” and “Workplace wellbeing 2: Self and social awareness” certificate programs are made possible by an educational grant from Merck Animal Health.