Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation


Note: The Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program has been renamed Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation. Although the name of the certificate program has changed, the educational content remains the same. If you completed the program under its former name, Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program, your certificate remains valid.   


Wellbeing within the workplace is key to individual and organizational productivity, engagement, satisfaction, and overall health. Helping employees achieve and maintain wellbeing takes more than monthly challenges, yearly health screenings, or attendance at wellbeing conferences. Making a difference in employees’ wellbeing and sustaining those results over time requires a culture shift—one that supports consistent, intentional healthy habits in the workplace. AVMA’s Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation certificate program empowers veterinarians and team members with the building blocks of knowledge and skills to create a culture of wellbeing in your veterinary workplace.  

The program is comprised of five modules that can be taken individually or completed as a unit, culminating in an AVMA certificate of completion. To begin, participants must complete the first module: A new era for wellbeing at work. The remaining modules can be completed in any order. 

Modules include: 

A New Era for Wellbeing at Work (New!)

Learn the essential elements of designing a healthy workplace culture and practical strategies to implement one in your organization. 

How to Request, Receive, and Give Feedback Effectively 
Explore the positive impact that constructive feedback can have on team performance in a veterinary practice. Learn best practices for requesting, receiving, and providing feedback. 

The Intersection of Workplace Conflict and Wellbeing (New!)

Learn how healthy and unhealthy conflict can impact your wellbeing. Come away with practical strategies for effectively navigating conflict in the workplace. 

QPR Suicide Prevention Training 

The QPR suicide prevention training teaches people without professional mental health backgrounds to recognize the signs that a colleague may be considering suicide, establish a dialogue, and guide the person to seek professional help.  

Diversity and Inclusion 

Discover attributes of inclusive work environments and key terminology related to diversity and inclusion. Come away with strategies to reduce bias and emotional burden for marginalized populations in your work environment. 


Educating the whole team 

One of the best ways to bring about lasting change in the workplace is to involve every individual. We encourage teams to undergo the learning process together to promote dialogue and exploration of these key topics.  

AVMA’s Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation certificate program is made possible by an educational grant from Merck Animal Health.