Interim recommendations for temporary sheltering

Recorded April 6, 2020

If temporary sheltering becomes necessary for animals coming from the home of a person with COVID-19, shelters should take certain precautions to keep their staff and other animals safe. Learn about interim recommendations developed collaboratively by the AVMA, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Shelter Medicine Program, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians, University of California-Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, University of Florida Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, and the CDC’s COVID-19 One Health Team. Join AVMA Assistant Director of Animal Welfare Dr. Kendall Houlihan, Dr. Sandra Newbury of the University of Wisconsin's Shelter Medicine Program, and the CDC COVID-19 One Health Team Lead Dr. Casey Barton Behravesh, to learn more about the interim recommendations and understand how they help to address human health, animal health, and animal welfare needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.