Relief veterinary medicine: A unique career

Relief veterinary medicine holds a unique position in today’s market. As the pet population grows and workforce trends continue to shift toward independent contract work and flexible schedules, relief medicine is appealing to more practitioners. Working as a relief—or locum tenens—veterinarian allows flexibility, variety, and even travel. Join relief veterinarian Dr. Cindy Trice to learn about the benefits and challenges of this underutilized and underrepresented area of veterinary medicine. Gain a realistic picture of the career path, technical aspects of setting up your own relief practice, and unique skills required to thrive in this niche. If you’re already a relief veterinarianlearn how to elevate your services to provide outstanding support to clinics.

This webinar is developed in partnership with the AVMA Veterinary Career Center.   

Participants can expect to learn about:

  • Benefits, challenges, and opportunities for relief veterinarians 
  • Unique skills required to be a successful relief veterinarian 
  • How relief veterinarians help peers by reducing the work load and freeing them up to nurture other talents, responsibilities, goals, and desires 
  • Business aspects of setting up your own relief practice, including an overview of business entities, tax and insurance considerations, and marketing techniques 

Dr. Cindy Trice has served as a relief veterinarian in over 50 general practice, emergency room, and shelter clinics in four states. In 2018 she founded Relief Rover ( to serve the needs of the growing veterinary locum community. In addition to relief practice, she is consultantspeaker, and co-author of the Kindle book Flex Vet. How to be One. How to Hire One. Dr. Trice earned her DVM from University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine