Unconscious bias: How it affects us and our teams

Unconscious bias is something that affects everyone. We all have it – because it’s a function of brain efficiency, coupled with personal values and lived experience. Explore the science of bias in this webinar with Lisa Greenhill, Ed.D., senior director for institutional research and diversity at the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). Learn how bias shows up in our personal and group decision-making, and how it can unintentionally limit opportunities and exclude talented team members. Greenhill also offers concrete ways you can limit the negative impact of bias.

This webinar is made possible through educational funding from Royal Canin.

Participants can expect to learn about:

  • The neuroscience behind unconscious bias 
  • Ways in which individual bias can shape group behavior and decision-making
  • Strategies to limit the negative impacts of unconscious bias in personal and professional settings