Emergency stabilization for general practitioners

Are you and your general practice team playing a greater role in emergency assessment and stabilization of patients? Discover practical strategies for triage and stabilization, coordination with emergency practitioners, transfer between clinics, and communicating with clients in these difficult situations. 

In this session, a former ER veterinarian and current general practitioner reviews practical tips for general practitioners to use with emergency patients. Using a case-based approach, you’ll explore common emergency presentations, including blocked cats, respiratory distress, and trauma cases. Hear from someone who understands the stresses and limitations of both sides of practice—and come away understanding key elements of client communication and how to smooth the patient transfer process. 

This session originally was presented at AVMA Convention 2023.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Develop a basic approach to emergency triage and stabilization that can be used with equipment and medications available at most general practice clinics. 
  • Learn how to communicate with clients to help them make the best possible decision in an emergency situation. 
  • Understand the importance of collaboration among general practitioners and ER veterinarians. Learn steps you can take to improve the relationship and ease the transfer process between clinics.

Dr. Kate Boatright earned her DVM from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. She spent nearly eight years practicing full time in general practice and emergency clinics. She then moved to part-time clinical work to pursue her passion for educating veterinary professionals. As a freelance speaker and author, she focuses on mentorship, the unique challenges facing recent graduates, wellness, and the spectrum of care. She is the author of the Veterinary Mentorship Manual, a resource to help guide practices in developing mentorship programs to support new graduates. She has held leadership positions in the AVMA and in local and state veterinary medical associations.