Chronic pain management in cats: New advances

Chronic pain in cats is historically difficult to assess and treat. Learn about the neurobiology of chronic pain, and explore pain assessment and treatment options for cats with chronic pain. 

Participants can expect to learn about:

  • Neurobiology of chronic pain
  • Current knowledge of pain assessment and treatment options for cats with chronic pain

This course originally was presented at AVMA Virtual Convention 2021.

Dr. Alonso Guedes, Ph.D., is a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist and an associate professor of veterinary anesthesia and pain medicine at the University of Minnesota. His research program focuses on identifying molecules that help the body control pain and restore health to injured tissues. His laboratory uses a range of techniques, including powerful optical, biochemical, and molecular techniques combined with sophisticated animal studies. His recent research aims to develop a new treatment option for osteoarthritis, and characterize a new mechanism of pain control in the spinal cord that can replace the use of drugs, such as opioids.