My Veterinary Life Podcast Series 2019

My Veterinary Life Podcast shares stories from across the veterinary profession. Listeners will hear first-hand how guests got to where they are today and trust us, it is not always a straight line and often includes some challenges.

The hosts, Drs. Anna Reddish and Marci Kirk will discuss with guests how they overcame these challenges and what lessons they learned along the way. They will also dig into what the guests are passionate about and what drives them in veterinary medicine.  Through these light-hearted, often hilarious stories, listeners will better understand what is possible in the veterinary profession.

This podcast will explore the amazing world of veterinary medicine and what you can do with a veterinary degree.  The goal of this show is that the audience leaves feeling positive and hopeful about the future of veterinary medicine and encouraged to live their veterinary life to the fullest.