Talking with clients: Language dos and don’ts

Learn language to help you connect meaningfully with pet owners to improve compliance, enhance patient care, and drive your business forward. This interactive training, delivered in three distinct modules, explores the most effective language you can use to communicate the why, what, and how of veterinary care:

  • Why does veterinary medicine matter?
  • What does the veterinarian bring to the table?
  • How can pet owners pay for veterinary care?

Blending linguistics, behavioral science, and strategy, these modules show how changing the way you talk about veterinary care can connect you more closely with clients and potential clients, and ultimately improve patient care. You'll gain awareness into the mindset of pet owners regarding the value of veterinary care and come away knowing the right language to articulate the value of your practice.

Participants can expect to learn about:

  • The right language to have productive conversations with pet owners 
  • How pet owners think about veterinary care and the role and value of the veterinarian
  • How to discuss and address client concerns about the cost of care

This training is based on research conducted with pet owners across the United States by the AVMA and communications consulting firm Maslansky + Partners. It is a component of the AVMA’s Language of Veterinary Care Initiative, made possible in part by educational funding from CareCredit and Pets Best.