Mission Possible: Creating a Culture of Wellbeing

Explore the role you can play in creating a culture of wellbeing in the workplace and your personal life. Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA’s director of wellbeing and inclusion initiatives, discusses the many components of wellbeing and specific ways you can make a difference in your and your colleagues' personal and professional wellbeing.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Compare and contrast wellness and wellbeing.
• Define person-in-environment theory.
• List five premises for creating a culture of wellbeing.
• Describe the role of belonging and inclusion in creating cultures of wellbeing.

Dr. Jen Brandt is the AVMA Director of Member Wellbeing and Inclusion Initiatives, responsible for identifying, developing, implementing and coordinating activities and programs that enhance the wellbeing of its members, and advancing the association’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the profession.

Dr. Brandt received her Ph.D. in Social Work and her Master of Social Work from The Ohio State University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Sociology with a Minor in Spanish from the University of Indianapolis.

Prior to joining the AVMA, Dr. Brandt served in several roles at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, including Director of Individual and Organizational Development; Director of Health and Wellness; Director of Student Services and founder and coordinator of the Honoring the Bond Client Support Services Program.

Dr. Jennifer Brandt